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Bangladesh Automation Technology (BAT)

Bangladesh Automation Technologies: Providing Automation Training and Service around Dhaka, Bangladesh

Bangladesh Automation Technologies (BAT) is the best institute for PLC training in Bangladesh. We also provide all types of industrial solution around all industries in Bangladesh.

You will find us leading institute in Bangladesh on

Advance Industrial automation, Microcontroller (Arduino), M-CAD (2D & 3D), E-CAD (2D & 3D), AUTO CAD (2D & 3D), Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), Microcontroller (Atmel AVR), SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition), Computer hardware and Networking

Moreover, our service is very advance and effective for any kind of industry. Our service is very special in industrial automation sector. Although we provide any other service as engineering project or research besides industrial automation system.
There are many shortages in education system on our society and we all agree the education system of our society is not good at all.  General situation on engineering sector is not better than any other educational sector.  Students in our country don’t get enough opportunity to learn anything practically. Although, practically working opportunity is the best way to learn. The problem of an educational system cannot be possible to remove in one day and not possible for any individual person.

For contributing in changing system and creating opportunity to better and practical learning, Md. Sabuj Hossain established the Bangladesh Automation Technology (BAT) in 2010. During this short time, it is already being the best engineering training institution in Bangladesh.  We can ensure all our supports are world’s standard and very advance. Our all training programs are very effective for engineering students. All students of Electronics, Mechanical, Civil or Computer engineering will find very effective our entire course.

Moreover we are the supplier of all engineering device.

If you feel need to learn anything, feel free to contact us.

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We have a strong and quality team for teaching. Moreover all our teachers are very experienced in teaching profession. For analyzing updates and engineering solution through automation, our teachers always try their best. You will find available all the necessary equipment for learning practically. All devices are very costly in the engineering sector, especially when you need to buy the equipments relating to automation device. But when the goal is to provide something special and useful for the students, you need to provide all devices available. When a student can work practically during the learning, he can gather the knowledge his best. Just for this reason, our honorable managing director Md. Sabuj Hossain always keeps updating his organization with all new electronic devices. Our all teachers are very quality full and experienced. The environment is very friendly that will help the students to learn easily. We have a wide range of research section keep updating with developing engineering sector. We always share our research achievement with our students.

Md. Sabuj Hossain

Managing Director
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A. S. M Ashraful Huq

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Amitave Rakhit

Sr.Embedded System Engineer
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